Country Connection is a barrel broker and cooperage with locations in Kentucky and California

About Us

Country Connection had its beginnings in 2005. It all started in a small California town called Oroville. Having reached out to some local wineries we began selling freshly cut wine barrel planters on the side of the road. There was something about the barrels themselves that we fell in love with. With this passion for the barrel a vision began to grow.

Over the years our business grew to become one of the leading providers of used wine barrels, and racks in the state. With our eye on new markets we became increasingly involved in the bourbon barrel industry.

Today we operate a cooperage in Louisville Kentucky providing once used bourbon, and many other types of barrels to an ever increasing number of brewers & distillers around the world. In addition we have opened a facility in the state of Washington to support there growing wine industry.

More than ten years later we are as excited about the barrel business as ever. We continue to look for opportunities to meet demand, and provide the best service possible to our domestic, and international customers.

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