We have a total of three locations in the United States serving the wine, spirit, and brewing industry. Our company objective is to be involved with both wine and spirit barrels throughout their entire lifespan from new to garden tub.


Country Connection’s home base is in Oroville, California. We employ up to 15 people, and have many services to offer. It is truly a family business with almost all of the employees being either family, or close friends. We have 17,500 square feet of indoor storage, and an acre of outdoor storage. Below is a list of products, and services we offer here in Oroville.

§ Wine barrel planters
§ Reusable red & white wine barrel sales § Wine barrel rack sales
§ Small selection of whisky barrel sales
§ Shaving and re toasting
§ Scrape and char



Formerly know as North West Barrels. We purchased this company earlier in 2017. It immediately gave us exclusive access to 20-30k additional used wine barrels, and 5-6k wine barrel racks. It is also only hours from several very large Canadian distillers. In addition, it puts us in the heart of the emerging wine market in the state of Washington, and makes our sales in Canada quite competitive for all our products. Below is what we have to offer:

§ Reusable red & white wine barrels
§ Wine barrel planters
§ Wine barrel rack sales



Operations began here in early 2015. Indoors we select, and repair barrels for reuse. We change out heads, and staves, and perform basic leak repair. We use all hand held coopering techniques. Outdoors we cut whiskey barrels for the lawn, and garden industry. We employ 5-6 full time employees year round. Below is what we have to offer:

§ Once used bourbon barrels
§ 3-5 x filled whiskey barrels
§ Whisky barrel planters