Barrel Racks

Our new racks are fabricated with robotic welding and an automated powder coating line for quality control and competitive pricing. They come in standard beige and any other color of your choosing. We offer all of the industry standard racks, as well as custom designs. All of our racks are made with 1.5″ square tubing, and 1/4″ flat bar. They come in powder coated, mild steel, or stainless.

Used Whiskey and Wine Barrel Racks

bourbon barrels

Here at Country Connection we are currently offering great prices on used 2-Barrel racks. This is due to the fact that that we are receiving thousands of 2-barrel racks straight from Napa wineries who have to convert to 4-barrel racks to meet earthquake standards.

We always hold a large inventory of used two and four barrel racks that we source from West Coast Wineries, but right now we have an especially large inventory. All racks are in great working condition with no bending or metal fatigue and minimal surface rust. The cost of used racks is often a fraction of buying them new.

Our minimum order quantity for used racks is 5, and discounts are available for orders of a full truck load or more.

For pricing and pictures of our current inventory, and/or questions, please contact us directly or click the “Get a Quote” button below to fill out an easy no obligation quote form.

New Racks

Standard 2-Barrel Racks

bourbon barrels

This is the most popular two-barrel rack in the wine and spirits industry. Its overall dimensions and 7″ forklift opening make it extremely portable. Designed with four crossbars it’s stronger, safer, and more resistant to bending. This rack is recommended for stacking barrels up to five high.

  • Length: 30.5”
  • Width: 44.5”
  • Cradle center to center: 29.5”
  • Forklift opening: 7”
  • Weight: 50 lbs.

Standard 4-Barrel Racks

bourbon barrels

The four-barrel rack provides a considerable amount of stability and is recommended for stacking barrels six high. Over the years, demand for the four-barrel rack has increased. You can also move more barrels at once, bringing a new level of efficiency and mobility.

  • Length: 70”
  • Width: 44.5”
  • Cradle center to center: 29.5”
  • End forklift opening: 7”
  • Weight: 100 lbs.

What Sets Us Apart

Our team is made up of engineers, technicians and master builders with expertise in the development of barrel storage racks. They understand your needs, complete projects on time, and strive to deliver a quality product. We stand ready to attend to any questions, and we follow up our work with responsible post-sale service.

One key distinction between us and our competitors is that we use 12-gauge steel rather than 16-gauge. This means our steel is 25% thicker. This adds strength, stability, and a longer life span.