Our wine and whiskey barrel rain barrels ship from California and Kentucky to customers world wide.

Genuine Wine And Whiskey Barrel Rain Barrels For Sale That Are Both Decorative And Practical.

Here at Country Connection we convert a large part of our huge used wine and whiskey barrel inventory into great looking, practical rain barrels. These rain barrels all have reinforced hoops to ensure they last for years regardless of the climate. These great looking barrels offer the aesthetic benefits of decorative barrels and the practical benefits of the less attractive plastic water barrels.

These rain barrels are sold through retail outlets across the U.S. and Canada. Our minimum order quantity is four barrels, but we can also fulfill truck load quantity orders. Domestic and international shipping is available.

Use our Contact Page to get an easy no obligation quote for wine barrel rain barrels or callĀ (530) 589-1507.

Wine Barrel PlantersEvery wine barrel planter is unique and durable.

Our 59 gallon wine barrel rain barrels our sourced form wineries in California and Oregon. All barrels are inspected, repaired and lacquered prior to conversion to ensure they are water tight before shipping. These rustic and durable barrels are a great addition to any yard or garden, and they are a practical way to conserve and reuse water.

Whiskey Barrel Planters

Our whiskey barrel half planters have a rustic charm that is popular worldwide.

Our 53 gallon whiskey barrel planters our sourced from distilleries across the U.S. These half barrel planters have a rustic charm thats a welcome addition to almost any yard or garden. Every rain barrel has it’s own unique markings and color, but they are all durable, water tight and ready for years of use as a rain barrel.

Use our Contact Page to get an easy no obligation quote for whiskey barrel rain barrels or callĀ (530) 589-1507.