Whisky & Bourbon Barrels

Once Used Bourbon Barrels

Our cooperage is situated in the historic town of Louisville Kentucky. Our close proximity to the states major bourbon producers gives us access to a large supply of freshly dumped bourbon barrels. Our coopers select, repair, and ship high quality ready to fill once used barrels to both domestic, and international customers.
All of our barrels are priced competitively. They have previously been filled for at least 3 years with American bourbon. They are 200L capacity. They are shipped fresh. They are 100% guaranteed for refill, and made with the highest grade quarter-sawn white oak timber. All of them can be shipped to you as either knockdowns, or stand ups. Many of the worlds renowned whiskey, rum, and tequila distillers use our barrels for there aging programs. Let us know how we can help you.

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Twice & Multiple Use Whisky Barrels

If you are in the market for 200L whiskey style barrels we have more than one option. We have multiple fill barrels from reputable brands that are tight, sound, and ready for re fill. Contact us, and we will let you know what is currently available.

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Rejuvenated wine & whiskey barrels:

Country Connection operates both a scrape & char, and a shave & re toast operation. The process for both is CNC and highly automated for consistency, and quality control. Both the level of charring, or toasting, and the depth of interior oak removed are adjustable to meet even the strictest of standards. The objective is to expose fresh oak, and either re char, or re toast the barrel. We can take your older whiskey barrels, and make them like new again. Alternatively we can provide you with quality French & American oak barrels that have undergone the rejuvenation process at a fraction of the cost of new.

Coming November of 2017!

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